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We do residential and commercial carpet cleaning.
There are 3 types of cleaning that we offer.

#1 Extraction:
This type of cleaning is the most popular. This process of cleaning sprays soap and water into the carpet, scrubs it then, sucks it back up. This is good for removing bad stains and pet odors out of the carpet.

#2 Encapsulated Carpet Cleaning
This type of cleaning uses a non-toxic liquid cleaner applied to the carpet that dries as a crystal substance. The liquid is worked into the carpet to loosen the dirt from the fibers of the carpet just like it would with extraction cleaning. As the liquid dries it captures the dirt in a crytal and then vacuumed away once fully dry. This type of cleaning is best for your carpets pulling all the dirt and allergens out of the carpet while no water or residue is left behind.


We offer all 3 of these types of cleaning methods and have all the machines, solutions and knowledge to clean your carpets the best way possible.
We give free estimates and we offer BIG discounts if you set up a regular cleaning schedule once, twice or 4 times per year.
Also offering enzyme pretreat for pet stains and offer scotch gaurd to resist stains.

There is no job too big or too small so give us a call for a free estimate today!!